We value consistent and transparent communication with our teams here at The Compass Experience, but also with our funders, partners and supporters. 

As we are all aware, the CDC has made a lot of recommendations in light of the COVID19 presence and ever-evolving impact.

We had spent several months and a small amount on advertising on preparing for our Big KC Fundraiser. Tirelessly worked getting over 100 volunteers to fill slots at our concessions booths to work the Big 12 tournamentThis event would have funded half of our programs and students involvement for the year.

Only after one day of the fundraiser, we found out the rest of the concessions got canceled right before the entire tournament got canceled.

We felt the effects both as sports fans and as a nonprofit trying to provide this to under-served students without charging them the premium it takes to make it happen.

We aren’t going to execute the same style program we had previously due to the health risks and the funding required for that.

We are taking this as an opportunity to carry out a goal we had already shared for 2020!

We believe that this is The Time when what we do for students is needed possibly more than before and we are determined to make it excellent and make available. 

We have also met as a board and agreed another avenue we are pursuing is reaching out to homeschool co-ops (that was not going to be on our radar for another year or two) 

As far as workplace opportunities to accompany the leadership, financial literacy and business skills lessons, we are finding jobs that have virtual, remote and self managing work options to give the work experience we believe the students would benefit from, still providing them that paid stipend because we believe that reward for their hard work and focused applications of the skills they’re gaining is crucial to drive the value and importance home.


We will be continuing updates with more frequency than our normal bimonthly/quarterly approach during this time as things continue to develop and we innovate to serve students providing opportunities to thrive in the midst of the circumstances. 
we couldn’t do this without your faithful and continued prayer and support. Thank you for your unwavering partnership in guiding these students toward their purpose and full potential!