Cash & Career

The Curriculum

Cash & Career is a 5 week summer program for 12 – 15 year olds in the Kansas City metro and Wichita metro areas. Our concept blends classes with a working internship at a local business; ending with the students getting a paid stipend for their hard work. The classroom portion is an hour and half followed by two hours at the local business.

Teaching Segments:

Personal Skills People Skills
Workplace Skills
Financial Skills 
Integrity Teamwork Planning & Organization Opening A Checking Account
Initiative Communication
Problem Solving
Credit & Debit
Dependability & Reliability
Respect Decision Making Interest
Adaptability   Business Fundamentals
Professionalism     Budgeting & Saving


Upon Graduation students receive the knowledge and practical application of the skills sets
needed to thrive in the professional world. Learning not only what it takes to have a job, but how to get the job they want in the future, and how to maintain and excel in that workplace. They will also receive the stipend for all the hard work they did with new insight on what to do with it through our financial literacy piece.

Teil Blackshare

I believe in America we have to break the cycle of poverty and give people back dignity. We must give people the tool they need to be successful. Compass helps student learn about themselves , others, and creates a path in which they can fulfill their dreams.

Teil Blackshare Board of Directors

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Cash & Career Application