Crossroads Middle School Program

This program is a culmination of a few moving parts and different approaches throughout the calendar year. Summer is Cash & Career, Academic year is Impact Shops & our After School Program.

Cash & Career Curriculum 

Cash & Career is a summer program, that runs for 4-6 weeks, typically for students summer after their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years. We currently operate in the Kansas City metro and Wichita metro areas. 2022 brought the addition of Oklahoma City metro as well. Our concept blends classes on personal, social, and professional competencies with mentorship, working internship at a local business; a local bank educating them in financial literacy so they know what to do with their money from the paid stipend they earn at the end of the program.

Just a Few of the Teaching Segments:

Personal Skills Social Skills
Workplace Skills
Financial Skills 
Integrity Teamwork Planning & Organization Opening A Checking Account
Initiative Communication
Problem Solving
Credit & Debit
Dependability & Reliability
Respect Decision Making Interest
Adaptability Empathy Business Fundamentals
Professionalism  Civic Responsibility Acquisition & Maintenance of a Job Budgeting & Saving


Successful Completion:

Upon graduation, students will have been given knowledge and practical application of the skillsets needed to thrive in the professional world. Throughout this program, these students are actively learning in several focused competencies and learning in multiple methods for reinforcing each lesson.

They will have learned what it takes to have a job, how to get the job they want in the future, and how to maintain and excel in that workplace.

They will have learned personal finance, saving, credit, budgeting, and being financially responsible.

They will have learned about their self-awareness, their personality type with its strengths and challenges and how to make decisions based on their values to get their goals in a focused attainable place.

They will also receive the stipend for all the hard work they did with new insight on what to do with it through our financial literacy piece.

Impact Shops

After the first few years of our C & C Program, we realized we were needing to offer something to continue connection and education throughout the year.  Impact Shops (1-2 in the fall and 1-2 in the spring) to serve our individual groups of students tailoring the workshop style sessions to their needs, interests and areas they need more emphasis on for their individual success. We wanted to be more than a positive summer program, we truly want to Impact the lives of the students in our program and those they interact with in their communities!

Upcoming, we have plans to launch in Raymore-Peculiar and are working on virtual access to portions of our curriculum and experiences!

Cash & Career Application