Deron Lock

Compass is an interactive experience that is not a seminar or an event but stresses relationship. Students have to internalize the principles that are being taught. The students meet with coaches and other leaders to be results oriented at the work place. I’m proud were helping change America at the core.

Darin Locke Board of Directors July 21, 2019

Daniel Pogue

It’s my opportunity to give back to the community and America. We want to change America one student at a time. Helping students make a choice that makes a difference.

Daniel Pogue Board of Directors March 5, 2016

Deangelo N.

Compass helped me meet mentors that helped me grow while connecting me to business consultants. I was motivated and it gave me knowledge to advance.

DeAngelo N. Compass Student May 10, 2019

Dorrioun L.

Compass is a friendly environment that provided me with employment and growth.

Dorrioun L. Compass Student December 10, 2016

Isaac Y.

Compass has provided a place to help mold, construct, and launch my dreams and goals into action.

Isaac Y. Graduate of The Compass Experience February 17, 2016

Austin Taylor

I work with The Compass Experience, to help the disenfranchised inner city youth take back, educate, and empower their own community.

Austin Taylor Teacher May 10, 2016

Tyler S.

It was a great experience as a young man learning about leadership and making lifelong bonds.

Tyler S. Compass Student March 30, 2018

Lizz K

This organization has furthered the growth and advancement of so many students in the last several years, I am thankful to be a part of The Compass Experience because we truly stand by the mission to reach and impact students’ lives and futures as well as the communities they come from by giving them immersive experiences and necessary skills in all avenues for success in personal arenas, in society and in the marketplace. Always innovating and improving but never developing vision blur and that is something I am grateful to be able to say about this organization!

Lizz Ketzner Admin/Operations/Social Media Marketing May 15, 2020

Greg Couch

The Compass Experience is a great opportunity for me to impart my 35+ years of military discipline and leadership into young lives. I look forward to helping this generation achieve their dreams and professional goals.

Greg Couch - 2 Star General Compass Director November 27, 2018

Gerald Bryant

The compass Experience is a platform for growth and learning for and from others, that why I am a part.

Gerald Bryant Teacher May 10, 2018

Emmanuel H.

Compass was and is a life changing experience.

Emmanuel H. Compass Student May 10, 2016

Teil Blackshare

I believe in America we have to break the cycle of poverty and give people back dignity. We must give people the tool they need to be successful. Compass helps student learn about themselves , others, and creates a path in which they can fulfill their dreams.

Teil Blackshare Board of Directors January 5, 2020