Business Partners

Compass partners with local businesses to give our students their first job experience and connect with the community. Here are just a couple of the amazing partners we have worked with who have employed our students in the past.


Kansas City:

Breakfast and Lunch Lovers

State Farm (Sue Frank)

City Hall (Raytown)


Boys & Girls Club

The Arc

Hupp Hardware

Compass pays for the hours that our Cash & Career students work within your business. There is no financial obligation from the business partners. All we ask is that the experience is given to C & C students of what a real job is and how to be successful in the workplace. This helps work-readiness in the youth of your community, and offers a way to promote your business and the good it is doing.


Want to get involved? We look for new businesses to partner with all of the time. We have different ways your business can be a part of what we do. The main and most effective way is being an “employer” for our Cash & Career program over the summer. Businesses provide 2-5 students with a couple hours of employment weekly that is compensated upon completion of the program by The Compass Experience and help us grow their understanding of and ability to thrive in a work environment!

Please email for more information!