Who are We?

The Compass Experience

A charitable 501C3 nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching leadership, business competency, financial literacy, and interpersonal skills to set middle school students up for success in the workplace, in relationships and in life in their communities.

We Value…

Integrity: Adhering to the highest moral and ethical principles to display soundness of moral character is something we do as an organization as well as something we instill and demonstrate with our students, donors, partners and volunteer base.

Relationship: Our foundation is built on relationships. It is the venue where influence flows. We facilitate open, honest and respectful communication, compassion for one another, and dignity as we anticipate individual growth and change within our organization and with our students.

Accountability: We operate with a spirit of accountability and believe when two or more are working together, we can accomplish far more than working alone and lacking the inherent accountability that team approaches provide. We accept our individual and team responsibilities and honor our commitments. As an organization we lead by example with our sphere of influence by always being open to answer the pertinent and tough questions while always being held accountable for our actions both internally with checks and balances and externally with responsibility to whomever we work with or partner with.

Diversity: We have a great commitment to respecting, embracing, honoring, and demonstrating diversity in all aspects of our operations. It is a priority to always maintain diversity as one of our strengths. We believe uniqueness is powerful and enriching and having a mosaic of diversity in all dimensions–demographical, cultural, cognitive, and occupational underscores The Compass Experience’s unwavering commitment that every student, parent, coach, mentor, volunteer, and partner in business, education and finance is welcomed, engaged and supported.

The Whole Person: We believe that valuing the entire person is the best way to create a true impact in a person’s life. This is why we partner with various experts, organizations and businesses to offer guidance, experience, and opportunity to help our students learn about who they are, why they are, where they want to go and then equipping them to walk confidently in that direction.

Source-Root Solutions: We know that we can’t fix and heal everyone and every aspect of the things that challenge and stifle aspects of potential success for people and communities but we believe if we devote the right resources and focus to the youth of our nation, we can ensure we strike the root of the problems we see in our current world. We want to be a source-root Solution.

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